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North Haven Conservation Partners

North Haven Conservation Partners (NHCP) is a community based, community supported land conservation, non-profit dedicated to conserving property on and around North Haven for the benefit of this unique island community and its guests.

For over two decades, volunteers and staff alike have devoted time and energy toward building a sustainable organization that can deliver predictability and permanence to North Haven’s landscapes because we love this special place.

Moreover, we understand that change and development are part of North Haven’s future and that both are necessary for a sustainable, local economy. However, we firmly believe that this community’s healthy future is inexorably linked to a balance between development and land conservation– land that is productive (farm, forest, waterfront access), land that harbors wildlife diversity, and land that continues to feed our souls.

Whether you live here year round or are lucky enough to visit from time to time, you’ve likely experienced North Haven’s magnetic pull. No doubt that attraction is a combination of people, family, and community but isn’t the draw also this amazing natural setting 12 miles off shore?

NHCP’s success has been and is predicated upon the willingness of landowners and the generosity of families and individuals. We are eternally grateful to them all.

If you haven’t already please join us in making sure our grandchildren’s children will feel this place is as special as we do.

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If you missed our 2018 Annual Meeting at Becky Bartovic's wonderful Cider Hill Farm or the walk the next morning with Heather McCargo, our guest speaker, click here to go to the Wild Seed Project's website. At these events Heather relayed lots of important information about native plant propagation, changes to our landscapes and ideas for managing fields, meadows and forests for biodiversity.


"The world and our life on it are conditional gifts. We have the world to live in and use of it to live from on the condition that we take good care of it."  - from Wendell Berry in an interview with Bill Moyers, Oct. 2013 

To see and hear the entire interview (highly recommended) go to:


IMPORTANT: If you've been a past supporter of NHCP (thank you!) and have not heard from us recently, it may be because our contact information for you is dated. Please send us your change of address. Also, we would appreciate your email address as we are increasingly notifying our membership about events, projects and news via email - it is a far more cost effective way of communicating with people who care about our conservation work. We pledge to use this tool respectfully and will never share your contact information with anyone.

As always, we appreciate your notes, comments ( and continuing support.