North Haven Conservation Partners
Caring for Land

Caring for Land

When NHCP acquires land, either by purchase or donation, or accepts a conservation easement on a property it makes a perpetual obligation to look after these conservation lands.

On land NHCP owns, we develop management plans enabling the organization to anticipate costs, ensure protection and improve access. 

With conservation easements, NHCP enters into an agreement with the granting landowner that obligates the organization to monitor and enforce the specific terms of that easement. These terms (or restrictions) stay with the property no matter who subsequently owns it. These partnerships are enduring.

Properties that NHCP owns are accessible to the community and its guests. 

Several conservation easement properties allow for public access thanks to the generosity of the granting landowner. In those cases NHCP works with the landowner to ensure the properties values are upheld and that access remains responsible. These are still private properties and we ask that people use this right of access with respect.