North Haven Conservation Partners
Hiring Executive Director

North Haven Conservation Partners (NHCP) seeks an Executive Director

North Haven Conservation Partners (NHCP) was founded as a 501(c)(3) not for profit organization in 1996. The organization holds and manages fee title or conservation easements on over 225 acres on the island of North Haven, Maine, runs environmental education and outdoor activity programming with school-aged children, and actively pursues partnership projects with other island organizations and the Town of North Haven. The organization has a 12-member board of directors and over 200 supporting members.

The Executive Director will report, on a monthly basis, to the Board of Directors of NHCP and work with the Board to deliver the organization’s mission in the areas of natural resource conservation, land stewardship, community partnerships, and programs, and outreach to our members. This half-time position will also have primary responsibility for running the organization’s administrative operations.

An ideal candidate must be able to communicate, listen to and work with the Board and others while maintaining passion for land and resource conservation and community partnership work. The candidate must be hardworking and enthusiastic, eager to learn, able to work independently, and have good written and oral communication skills. An ability to work within a small community, foster positive relationships with a diverse population, and represent the organization is essential. Prior experience working with land trusts, land management organizations, and conservation easements is desirable, but not required.

The desired candidate will have strong computer skills, including: proficiency with Microsoft Word and Excel (or equivalent); Giftworks and ArcGIS (or a willingness to acquire proficiency); website management; and Quickbooks (or equivalent accounting software).

The ED position is a half-time (20hr/week) position. Hours may not be evenly distributed throughout the year with summer as the busiest time. Salary and benefits will be commensurate with experience.

All interested and qualified applicants should send a cover letter, CV or resume, and contact information for three references to Badge Blackett, NHCP President, by email to or by mail to PO Box 336, North Haven, ME 04853

North Haven Conservation Partners (NHCP) is an equal opportunity employer. Applicants will not be discriminated against because of race, color, creed, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, religion, national origin, citizenship status, disability, ancestry, marital status, veteran status, medical condition or any protected category prohibited by local, state or federal laws.

NHCP Executive Director Responsibilities 

The NHCP Executive Director will have primary responsibility for implementing the policies and programs adopted by the Board. The Executive Director will attend Board and committee meetings, work closely with the Board President, and provide support to the Board and its committees in the following areas:

Administrative Operations:

Office Management

o Maintain regular office hours

o Oversight of all NHCP insurance policies

o Compliance with all legal requirements for payroll and workers’ compensation etc.

o File management and record-keeping (hardcopy and digital)

o Renewal and compliance on annual or one-time agreements with partners

o Systems management and recordkeeping on all vendors, passwords, equipment inventories, and other knowledge transfer items

o Timely performance to our annual calendar

o Website oversight and management

o Effective communication with landowners, members, and others

o Manage part-time, seasonal, and year-round staff that help support the programs and initiatives of the organization

o Fundraising and grant writing


o Processing of bills and general accounting

o Checkbook, bank account, and investments management

o Preparation and oversight of annual organizational and departmental budgets (with support from Treasurer and/or other board member(s))

o Preparation of annual tax returns (with assistant from NHCP Treasurer and accountant)

o Processing and acknowledgment of donations


NHCP Stewardship Committee has primary responsibility for the management and maintenance of each of NHCP's properties (easements and fee properties).

Executive Director Responsibilities:

o An active member of the Stewardship Committee, coordinating with the committee chair

o Oversight and management of the stewardship for all NHCP properties, including trail maintenance, contracted services, and upkeep of equipment and infrastructure.

o Foster and maintain a relationship with Town (with support from designated board liaison)

o Oversight and compliance with Stewardship budget

o Understanding of land management plans and best practices

o Responsible for State and local permits for work

o Develop and maintain stewardship land management calendar

o Management of NHCP independent contractor relationships


NHCP Lands Committee has primary responsibility for identifying and prioritizing key parcels of land where protection of specific attributes - either by donation or acquisition of a fee or easement interest in the property - meets land protection criteria approved by the Board. 

Executive Director Responsibilities:

o Processing land protection transactions (both easement and fee) including obtaining independent legal advice, drafting easements in consultation with landowners, legally recording transactions and recordkeeping

o Identification and evaluation of potential land protection projects to be reviewed by Lands Committee

o Landowner meetings, communications, and general liaison

o Trail System design, planning and Mapping

Outreach and Development:

The NHCP Outreach and Development Committee has primary responsibility for NHCP’s communications with members and other constituents, community-based programs (including the Fox Islands Outing Club), event logistics, Board of Directors recruitment and composition; and oversight of the fundraising necessary for the capital and operating budgets.

Executive Director Responsibilities:

o Management of organizational fundraising for capital and operating budgets, including annual appeals and management of donor database

o Preparation of materials for mailings (annual appeal, newsletter, programs calendar)

o Accompany board member(s) on major donor visits

o Grant applications to support organizational programs

o Communication of Outreach programs and events, including website management, programs calendar, mailings, and information bulletin boards

o Organization, promotion, and attendance for all events

o Oversight of Fox Islands Outing Club (FIOC)

Staff oversight and management

Accounting, including payroll and accounts receivable

Equipment inventories and management

Budget development, management, and compliance (with assistance from FIOC staff)