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North Haven Conservation Partners
Conservation Properties

Conservation Properties

Since its founding in 1996, North Haven Conservation Partners has facilitated the permanent conservation of 200 acres of land and several miles of shoreline.

Most of the properties listed below are publicly accessible. Please contact NHCP for further details. Furthermore, there are several properties on and around North Haven that are conserved by conservation easements (held by other organizations) that DO NOT allow public access. Please respect the privacy of the landowners of these properties and DO NOT visit them without their permission.

Burnt Island

(accessible to the community)

Burnt IslandThis 74-acre island is owned and managed by the Town of North Haven, which received it as a gift from the Minot family. North Haven Conservation Partners was granted a conservation easement on the property by the Town in 2000.

The Mullen's Head Park Commission manages the island as a Town park. NHCP raised an endowment to fund stewardship of the island consistent with the easement terms, including maintenance of pedestrian trails and a dock, to enhance public access. At low tide, the island is accessible by foot from Indian Point. There is also a dock at the western end of the island where boats can land in the summer season. A pedestrian trail circles the entire island and another bisects the island's interior. The island's diverse forests and shoreline provide habitat for small mammals, deer, migratory birds, ospreys and eagles. Its extensive tidal flats provide habitat for shorebirds as well as clams and mussels.

Cabot Fields

(accessible to the community down the left side of field, only, leading to Southern Harbor)

Cabot FieldsOwned by the Cabot family, the fields on either side of the Crabtree Point Road overlooking Pulpit and Southern Harbors are protected by a conservation easement granted to NHCP in 2002.

Under the terms of this easement, these 26 open acres will never be built upon, may support future farming activities, and will forever provide the same exceptionally scenic views enjoyed by all who pass by those fields today. Pedestrian access is also available through the eastern field to Southern Harbor, and along that shoreline.

Mill Stream Property

(accessible to the community)

Mill Stream PropertyThis 22-acre parcel on the east side of the Mill Stream is owned by North Haven Conservation Partners. The John D. Rockefeller family generously gave this outstanding property to NHCP in 2001, as a wildlife preserve.

This shorefront property, between the Middle Road and the Mill Stream, will continue to help protect water quality at the Mill Stream as well as provide valuable habitat to wildlife at the head of Pulpit Harbor. Mostly wooded, the property also includes two open fields at its northern end.

Narrow Place Beach (aka Tar Tank, aka Tank Five)

(accessible to the community)

Out on Crabtree Point, this favorite spot,especially for its stunning sunsets, is owned by North Haven Conservation Partners. NHCP purchased the property in April 2014 for the enjoyment of the community and its guests during daylight hours. Fires are strictly prohibited. The Perkins family generously donated their portion of the beach helping NHCP complete this conservation transaction. Parking is limited. Please help us keep this treasured landscape clean.

Pulpit Harbor Property

(accessible to the community)

Pulpit Harbor Bridge PropertyThis 3.5 -acre property is owned by North Haven Conservation Partners and maintained as conservation land with public access for picnics or peaceful contemplation. Edward and Lansing Lamont generously gave a portion of this property to NHCP in 2003.NHCP purchased the remainder in June 2019.

The property is located between First Bridge and the public landing at the head of Pulpit Harbor.

Miner Property

(accessible to the community)

This 9 acre parcel on the North Shore Road, looking out at Camden Hills, is owned by Ranny and Beth Miner. At the end of 2007, the Miners donated a conservation easement on this property which permanently protects the view one sees from the North Shore Road.

As part of their gift, the Miners agreed to include public access across the property to their shoreline. The Miners land shares its northeastern boundary with the fields of the Pettit property, which are already protected by a view easement held by Maine Coast Heritage Trust. When combined with the Pettit easement, the Miner easement completes the view protection across almost 15 acres of fields under terms that prohibit new houses and require the landowners to mow the land annually.

North Shore Preserve

(accessible to the community)

North Shore Road Property

Donated to NHCP in 2017 by Margot and David Heap, this 31 acre preserve straddles North Shore Road less than a mile northeast from Pulpit Harbor. On the inland side of the road, a spruce / alder forest dominates the property and abuts a conservation property on the North side of Charlie Brown's Pond. This 15+ acre parcel is exceptional habitat for birds and mammals. On the bayside of the preserve, the 19 + acre parcel extends down to the ocean amid fields and forests. Hikers may enjoy a maintained footpath that leads to stunning views of West Penobscot Bay. Both parcels are open to the public. Biology students from the North Haven Community School are currently helping NHCP with a research project targeting buckthorn management at the North Shore Preserve.

Cubby Hole Property

(accessible to the community on the left side of the Cubby Hole only)

This 11 acre property is owned by Jamie Carpenter and Toshiko Mori. North Haven Conservation Partners was granted a conservation easement on the property in 2009.

Under the terms of the easement, the view of the Cubby Hole from the South Shore Road will always remain open and for the first time there will be a pedestrian footpath providing formal access from the South Shore Road to the Cubby Hole, allowing for the launching of hand-carried small watercraft. There is a designated parking area for the footpath. Please be aware that the public is invited to access the Cubby Hole on the north end only (left side as you look toward the Cubby Hole opening).

Cubby Hole

Charlie Brown's Pond Easements

(NOT accessible to the community)

Charlie Browns Pond EasementsIn 2009 Beth Lamont, Juliet Lamont and Phil Price donated a conservation easement to North Haven Conservation Partners for their properties along the North Shore Road including Charlie Brown's Pond. The 2 easements combined protect a total of 25 acres which in combination with the Heap property easement donated in 2008 creates a 56 acre block of protected land stretching from the Mill Stream, across the North Shore Road to Penobscot Bay. Their protected land can be viewed from the Middle Road across the field on property owned by NHCP.

Peleg Thomas Fields and Shoreline

(accessible to the community)

In January 2015, Mary White donated her 8.6 acre property, the former Peleg Thomas Farm, along Southern Harbor to North Haven Conservation Partners and North Haven Sustainable Housing (NHSH). NHSH, together with Southern Harbor Elder Services, has developed its three acre parcel to include an adult family residential care facility using the existing farmhouse. NHCP is working closely with both organizations to maintain the remaining 5.6 acres for the enjoyment of the eventual residents, their families and the community. Currently, there is a mowed path leading to the outer point.

Sage Woods

(accessible to the community)

Ted and Hope Sage donated a conservation easement to North Haven Conservation Partners in February 2017 cover nearly 10 acres of their in-town property. Visitors to the easement area will see the care that Ted has taken in managing the woods and creating trails for the last couple of decades. NHCP will work with Ted and Hope to maintain this beautiful forest and trails. In 2019, Ted and Hope donated an other conservation easement adding an additional 4.3 acres to the previous donation.